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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine
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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine

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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine:
  Ultrasonic plastic welding machine transmits ultrasonic waves through the welding head and then to the processed parts of the plastic, so that the joint surface of the two plastics generates a sharp friction due to the action of ultrasonic waves, and the friction heat melts the joint surface of the plastic to complete the bonding. The technology has the advantages of high speed and strong weld seams, and more importantly, it can automate the production and processing of plastic products. Ultrasonic plastic welding machines can be used for plastic welding and embedding, forming, riveting and spot welding, cutting, sewing and other operations. As long as the welding head is changed, it can realize the function of one machine for various applications.
  When ultrasonic waves act on the thermoplastic plastic contact surface, a high-frequency vibration of tens of thousands of times per second is generated. This high-frequency vibration reaches a certain amplitude, and the ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the weld zone through the upper weldment because of the welding. The area, that is, the interface of the two welds, has a large acoustic resistance, so a local high temperature is generated.
  Moreover, because of the poor thermal conductivity of plastics, it is not possible to disperse in time and gather in the weld zone, so that the contact faces of the two plastics melt rapidly, and then a certain pressure is added to make them merge into one. After the ultrasonic wave stops, let the pressure last for a few seconds, so that it solidifies and forms a strong molecular chain, so as to achieve the purpose of welding, the strength of the welding can be close to the strength of the raw material. The quality of ultrasonic plastic welding depends on the amplitude of the transducer horn, the applied pressure and the welding time. The welding time and the welding head pressure can be adjusted. The amplitude is determined by the transducer and the horn. . These three quantities have a suitable value for each other. When the energy exceeds the appropriate value, the melting amount of the plastic is large, and the welding material is easily deformed; if the energy is small, the welding is difficult, and the applied pressure cannot be increased. This optimum pressure is the product of the length of the side of the welded portion and the optimum pressure per 1 mm of the edge.


Product use: Suitable for welding, riveting, forming, nut embedding, such as kettle, folder, mobile phone battery, charger, toy, electronic watch, musical instrument, mobile phone case, CD case, etc. Head, and a variety of special specifications, suitable for larger plastic products.
Model: XH-1542
Frequency: 15KHZ
Power: 4200W
Weight: 300KG
Power: 220V
Welding area: Φ300
Overall dimensions: 1000*7500*1900
Machine features:
1. Original Taiwan circuit, the output power is strong and stable;
2. The original Taiwan can debug the fixture, the debugging mold is convenient and fast.
3. South Korea "SAMICK" linear bearing, "DKN" chrome plated super hard guide
4. The horn is made of imported steel with strong amplitude and durability. Avoid screwing your teeth.
5. Japanese original piezoelectric ceramics, powerful output
6. Additional overvoltage and power assurance system can reduce faults and ensure safety.
7. Adopt automatic braking system, overload protection device, time accurate to 1/100 second, stable quality
8. Split design: The components are concentrated in the electronic box to avoid work due to vibration, good heat dissipation performance and prolong mechanical life.
9. Pneumatic components: The original imported cylinders from Taiwan Longyun are used, and the imported gold solenoid valves from Taiwan are used.
◆The imported parts of the whole machine are about 30, which are the core components that affect the mechanical properties. The welded products do not need to add solvents, adhesives or other auxiliary products. Various thermoplastic rubber parts, non-woven fabrics, nylon cloths, etc. can be welded. .
★ Product Description: The main controls of the Concord brand high-power ultrasonic welding machine use imported components from Europe, America and Japan, which have high stability. All systems are independently developed and manufactured. Design systems, molds, etc. according to different workpiece requirements. It is especially suitable for ultrasonic vibration welding of workpieces such as larger plastic parts, non-woven toys, and nylon products. There is no trace of the plastic parts after welding. The workpiece such as non-woven fabric or nylon material is welded by a steel mold or a titanium alloy mold, and the cut edges are free of burrs, and the welded joints are abnormally fastened. Touch the workpiece, feel good, and the appearance is perfect.
◆Mechanical properties:
1. Japanese original piezoelectric ceramic wafer transducer, the output is strong and stable;
2, concentric straight shaft design bearing, precision fine-tuning device, excellent performance;
3, the welding head level adjustable design, easy to adjust the mold;
4. With frequency offset protection, mold frequency detection, mold crack detection
5, with frequency, current, load automatic protection
6. Adjustable mechanical stability
8, a full set of high-quality components assembly;
9, welding parameters are preset, easy to operate
10. Digital welding parameter setting is intuitive and accurate.
11. Provide design of various welding heads and undertake various special specifications.
12. Suitable for larger products of plastic parts.
13. Frequency modulation and frequency automatic compensation circuit.
◆Operation mode: automatic / manual
◆ Delivery method: Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou area delivery to the customer location, other areas need to pay a small amount of freight.
◆Training plan: free training until the technician is fully mastered
◆Maintenance period: Free one year
◆Installation: only need power socket and air pipe

◆Company responsibility: Provide technical consultation and related training free of charge.

After-sales service: All equipments are free of charge within one year, and the notice is arranged within 24 hours with the arrangement concept. There are special personnel for after-sales service and tracking. Our company is responsible for transportation equipment and delivery to the Pearl River Delta. The province uses freight transportation. Wooden box packaging, equipment and molds are all debugged OK, and the box can be used.

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