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Dongguan Yihui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional dedicated to ultrasonic plastic welding machine, three-head automatic clamping machine, ultrasonic double-head machine, ultrasonic welding machine, organ bag double-head machine, folder electric heating table, file box automatic Business card bag machine, file box automatic backing machine, file box automatic hair clipping machine, file box automatic ring button machine, file box automatic labeling machine, wire disc automatic welding machine. Automatic cutting and flying disc buckle machine. Intelligent ultrasonic welding electric box (generator). Ultrasonic vibrator. Ultrasonic four-head machine series. Ultrasonic hand-held spot welding machine. Ultrasonic mold series. Punching mold series. Electric hot pressing mold series. A professional enterprise that manufactures one. It has been perfected in stationery equipment for many years and its performance is stable and mature. The main components of the connected equipment are made of Taiwan or imported parts, and the output is strong and stable, and the protection is perfect and durable. The core components such as transducers are imported from Japan and West Germany, with long service life and excellent performance, which is a good helper for your production. The company is also engaged in the design and production of various ultrasonic welding heads, as well as the operation of various spare parts, and has a group of skilled and experienced technicians to provide customers with 24-hour maintenance service. In order to better match the customer to complete the order delivery. "Good quality, continuous service; honest and trustworthy, win-win progress" is our survival creed, let customers go smoothly is our very pursuit. Dongguan Yihui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in research, development, production and sales of the ultrasonic industry since 1998. The company has been actively introducing advanced industry technology at home and abroad. The company's products have been widely recognized and praised by users in different industries. The needs of large and small production enterprises, our company's R & D department can develop new products according to different requirements of customers, we will meet the needs of customers with excellent quality, reasonable price, high quality and perfect after-sales service. Ultrasonic welding equipment is suitable for: PP, ABS, PC, PS, acrylic, non-woven fabrics and other plastic welding. Specifically used in hardware machinery, optical instruments, electronics, home appliances, watches, glasses, plastics, toys, clothing, footwear, stationery, leather goods, plastic shell packaging and other manufacturing industries. Products involved: footwear, cloth, trademarks, photo albums, CD sets, book covers, ID sets, business card books, document bags, raincoats, rain sails, umbrellas, purses, handbags, beach bags, glasses bags, transparent clothes frame...


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