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   Ultrasonic mold maintenance is very important, to maintain the life of the mold is one-half longer, it is not easy to occur oxidation and cracks. The effect of using it will be much better, the following is the maintenance method of ultrasonic mold:
   1: When loading and unloading the upper mold (HORN), please use the standard tool attachment. (square mold - round bar, round die - hook wrench)
   2: The upper mold avoids knocking, bruising, and anti-frequency or vibration and vibration node movement.
   3: When installing the mold (HORN), apply a thin layer of butter on the bottom (vibrator joint surface) to transfer and disassemble the ultrasonic mold.
   4: If the mold is not hardened, please use a tarpaulin when it is not used for a long time to prevent oxidation of the aluminum-titanium alloy.


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