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Guangdong ultrasonic mold
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Guangdong ultrasonic mold

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Guangdong Ultrasonic Mould:
   For different welding objects, different tool heads are required. Whether it is near-field welding or transmission welding, only a half-wavelength tool head can achieve a maximum amplitude of the welded end faces. The tool head has two types: amplitude-amplified and amplitude-free. The plastic welding machine uses an acoustic system tool head. The material used is usually aluminum alloy. Its end face is plated with hard alloy. When the power is relatively large. Also made of titanium alloy material, the material has more than twice the fatigue strength of the aluminum alloy.


Mold life

The service life of a welding head is determined by two aspects: first, material, second, process

   Materials: Ultrasonic welding requires metal materials to have good flexibility (small mechanical loss during sonic transmission), so the most commonly used materials are aluminum alloys and titanium alloys (Dongguan Times Ultrasonic 0769-82611369)

   The material is one of the main reasons for ensuring the life of the ultrasonic mold in the welding product, and the process of completing the mold is complicated. Therefore, it is not only the design of the mold engineer that the material must be carefully selected, but also the material that the product requires to be used to avoid inadvertent influence on its timeliness and quality. Now the characteristics of various materials are as follows: (Hengbo Company adopts the world famous brand ALCOL company, the company's 7075-T651 aluminum material meets the American Aluminum Industry Association AAA standard)

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