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Dongguan ultrasonic spot welder
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Dongguan ultrasonic spot welder

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Studies have shown that the use of ultrasonic spot welders in the plastics industry has become increasingly common around the world. The use of this technology can replace the flux, adhesive, pinning or other mechanical fixing methods required in the past, thereby increasing production efficiency and reducing costs. The welding principle of ultrasonic spot welding machine is to generate 20KHz (or 15KHz) high-voltage and high-frequency signals from the generator. Through the energy conversion system, the signal is converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration, which is applied to the workpiece of plastic products and passes through the surface and internal of the workpiece. The friction between the molecules increases the temperature of the interface to the interface. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the workpiece interface is rapidly melted and then filled in the gap between the interfaces; when the vibration stops, the workpiece is under a certain pressure at the same time. Cooling and shaping will achieve perfect welding.
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