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Dongguan Ultrasonic Mould
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Dongguan Ultrasonic Mould

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The main functions of Dongguan Ultrasonic Mould:
1. Ultrasonic mold can be customized according to the shape of the product, specializing in different specifications of hot-melt tools
2. The ultrasonic mold body is compact, and the occupied space is small, and the movement is very convenient.
3. Ultrasonic machine-die integrated design optimizes product scrappage caused by debugging molds.
4. Parameters of ultrasonic mold specifications for electronic equipment production:
  Ultrasonic mold models: non-standard, very suitable
  Ultrasonic mold dimensions: non-standard
  Ultrasonic mold weight: non-standard
  Ultrasonic mold welding time: 0.01-9.99sec
  Ultrasonic molds are suitable for: plastic welding, electronic communication, toys, stationery, daily necessities, gifts, automotive and other industries.


Vibration node

 The welding head and the horn are designed as a half-wavelength resonator with an operating frequency. Under the working condition, the amplitude of the two end faces is the largest and the stress is the smallest, and the amplitude of the node corresponding to the intermediate position is zero and the stress is the largest. The position of the node is generally designed to be a fixed position, but the usual fixed position is designed to have a thickness greater than 3 mm, or the groove is fixed, so the fixed position does not necessarily have a zero amplitude, which causes some sound and part of the energy loss. The sound is usually isolated from other components by a rubber ring or shielded with a sound insulating material. Energy loss is considered when designing the amplitude parameters.

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