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Dongguan Gao Zhoubo
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Dongguan Gao Zhoubo

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Dongguan Gao Zhoubo:
High frequency--LH series high frequency welding machine (hereinafter referred to as high frequency wave) oscillates at high frequency. Make the workpiece contact and the internal (PVC) molecules produce a strong shock and create a new combination. In order to achieve the purpose of complete welding or molding, this series of high frequency machine adopts the new concept of modern industrial design, beautiful appearance, novel structure, convenient and reliable use, is plastic packaging, double-sided plastic, PVC folding indentation, footwear, trademark, umbrella , sails, purses, handbags, stationery, carpets, sun visors, etc., pure PVC containing more than 10% of PVC hard and leather, cloth industry ideal welding or forming machinery.
Power supply voltage: three-phase five-wire: AC3 380V 220V 50HZ protective ground
Output power: YH--4000 : 4KW YH5000 5KW YH8000 8KW
Oscillation frequency: 27.12/40.68MHZ+0.6%


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