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  The design and production of ultrasonic molds is quite simple. So don't be misled. When using a mishandled or untuned soldering tip, it can cost you a lot of production – it can damage an effect of soldering, even more serious. It will directly cause damage to the transducer or the generator.
  So the design of the ultrasonic mold can never be as simple as its shape, but on the contrary requires a lot of expertise and skills - how to ensure that the welding head can work most economically?
  Ultrasonic molds are one of the most technologically advanced aspects of ultrasonic technology. Even with years of experience in design and development, we still believe that only the rigorous testing and quality control can produce the best welding head. Our engineers combine the acoustic and mechanical properties of the weld head to create a product that best meets the customer's needs.
  Every set of welding heads and molds we produce, whether it is standard products or customized according to customer requirements.



  Because the ultrasonic welding head works under high frequency vibration, it should maintain a symmetrical design to avoid the unbalanced stress and lateral vibration caused by the asymmetry of sound wave transmission. The welding head we use for welding uses the longitudinal direction of ultrasonic vibration. Transmission, for the entire resonant system), unbalanced vibration can cause heat and breakage of the weld hair. Ultrasonic welding is applied to different industries and has different processing precision requirements. For particularly thin workpieces such as lithium ion battery pole pieces and tab welding, gold foil coating, etc., the processing precision is very high, all our processing equipment All CNC equipment (such as machining centers, etc.) are used to ensure that the precision of the machining meets the requirements.

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