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File box automatic forming machine
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File box automatic forming machine

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File box automatic forming machine:

   The precision and structure of metal stamping parts directly affect the forming and precision of stamping parts. Mold manufacturing costs and longevity are important factors influencing the cost and quality of stampings. Mold design and manufacturing require more time, which extends the production lead time for new stampings. Standardization of mold bases, formwork, guides and development of simple molds (for small batch production), composite molds, multi-station progressive molds (for mass production), and the development of rapid mold change devices to reduce the workload of stamping production preparation And shortening the preparation time, it can be applied to reduce the workload of press production preparation and shorten the preparation time, and the advanced stamping technology suitable for mass production can be reasonably applied to small-volume multi-variety production. Let's talk about the design principles of metal stamping parts.


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