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Dongguan Gao Zhoubo Mould
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Dongguan Gao Zhoubo Mould

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Dongguan Gao Zhoubo Mould
1. 27.12MHZ, 40.68MHZ international standard industrial band;
2. The high-sensitivity spark-preserving circuit automatically disconnects the high cycle due to the generation of sparks;
3, Japan "OMRON", "FUJI", "TOSHIBA" "ANV", Taiwan "AIRTAC" and other famous factory accessories;
4, power output range 2.5KW-50KW optional.
Double-sided blister bag, plastic folding box, blowing toy Raincoat rain gear Stationery sticker Leather bag handbag Leather Flower cloth Flower Any P.V.C or P.V.C content
More than 10% of the hard and soft glue is welded.



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