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Three-headed folder automatic smashing machine
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Three-headed folder automatic smashing machine

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Three jaw clamp equipment
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Product size


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Exchange one way220V 50/60HZ

One: product introduction
The main function of the device is used for hitting, the clip is automatically placed on the required file box, no need to feed, and three shots at the same time, the structure is stable and the efficiency is high.


Figure 1 Equipment assembly

Two: the principle of operation

The main process of the equipment: automatic feeding of the vibrating plate - entering the position of the punch assembly through the flow path - installing the required material in the desired position by using the positioning block - stamping with the foot switch

1: Pour the clamp into the vibrating plate of Figure 2, and add it at regular intervals. (Always keep a certain amount of material in the vibrating plate.) Prevent the material from being out of time when the material is small.


Figure 2 Vibration plate material library

2: After the vibrating plate passes through the vibrating plate, it is sorted according to the required position, enters the flow channel, and finally automatically enters the feeding port of the die, waiting for stamping.


Figure 3 Runner and punch components

3: Prevent the material of the required smashing clip from being in the position of positioning. After confirming the error, press the foot switch, so that the punching ends.

Three: equipment maintenance

1: The whole device should be kept clean to prevent excessive impurities from entering the device and affect the life of the device;

2: The bottom of the punch is kept clean, and no debris (especially hard objects) can exist, which affects the life of the punch;

3: After the equipment is not used for a long time or the long-distance transportation is bumpy, check whether the sensor of each cylinder is working normally before starting to use it to prevent looseness and normal operation.

Four: safety instructions

This product belongs to the scope of stamping equipment. The strength of the punch is relatively large. Therefore, during the operation, it is forbidden to place the hand or other non-processed product under the punch to prevent pinching and damage to the punch of the machine.

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