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Ultrasonic double head machine
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Ultrasonic double head machine

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One: product introduction

The main function of the device is for automatic folding and ultrasonic welding of folders.

Two: the principle of operation

The main process of the equipment: manually place the material in a fixed place (adjust the positioning plate according to the product) -

Press the control button to fold and weld - take the material out

1: Manually place the material in the space formed by the positioning plate, and proceed to the next step after determining the position is accurate;

2: Press the control switch, press down the fixed plate to press down the fixed material, then fold it by pneumatic components, and finally press the ultrasonic pressure to weld;

3: The welded material is moved upward by the pressing plate, and the second discharging is performed when the material is taken out.

Three: equipment maintenance

1: The whole device should be kept clean to prevent excessive impurities from entering the device and affect the life of the device;

2: The bottom of the punch is kept clean, and no debris (especially hard objects) can exist, which affects the life of the punch;

Four: safety instructions

This product belongs to the scope of stamping equipment. In the part of the ultrasonic mold, the force is relatively large. Therefore, during the operation, it is forbidden to put the hand or other non-processed product under the punch to prevent pinching and damage to the punch of the machine.

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