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Ultrasonic molds for sale

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Ultrasonic molds are ultrasonically vibrated with ultrasonic heads under moderate pressure, so that the joint surfaces of the two plastics generate frictional heat and instantaneous fusion bonding. The strength of welding can be comparable to that of the body, using a suitable workpiece and Reasonable interface design can achieve watertightness and airtightness, and eliminate the inconvenience caused by the use of auxiliary products to achieve efficient and clean welding.


Mold frequency parameter

  Any company's ultrasonic welding machine has a center frequency, such as 20KHz, 40 KHz, etc. The working frequency of the welding machine is mainly the mechanical resonance frequency of the transducer, the horn, the horn and the horn. It is determined that the frequency of the generator is adjusted according to the mechanical resonance frequency to achieve uniformity, so that the horn operates in a resonant state, and each part is designed as a half-wavelength resonator. Both the generator and the mechanical resonant frequency have a resonant operating range. For example, the general setting is ±0.5 KHz. In this range, the welding machine can basically work normally. When we make each welding head, the resonant frequency is adjusted. The resonance frequency and design frequency error is less than 0.1 KHZ. For example, the 20KHz welding head, the frequency of our welding head will be controlled at 19.90-20.10 KHz with an error of 5‰.

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