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Ultrasonic mold manufacturers: the principle of ultrasound
   Ultrasonic means that the vibration frequency is greater than 20KHz. The vibration frequency (frequency) per second is very high, which exceeds the upper limit of the human ear (20000Hz). People call this inaudible sound wave ultrasonic. Ultrasound and audible sound are essentially identical. They have a common point of mechanical vibration. They usually propagate from the longitudinal wave in the elastic medium. It is a form of energy propagation. The difference is that the ultrasonic frequency is high. The wavelength is short, and it has good beamability and directionality in a straight line. The frequency range used for abdominal ultrasound imaging in 2013 is between 2∽5MHz, usually 3∽3.5MHz (1 vibration per second). It is 1 Hz, 1 MHz = 10 ^ 6 Hz, that is, 1 million vibrations per second, and the frequency of audible waves is between 16 and 20,000 Hz.


Mold amplitude parameter

   The amplitude is a key parameter for the material to be welded, which is equivalent to the temperature of ferrochrome. If the temperature is too low, it will not be welded. If the temperature is too high, the raw material will burn or cause structural damage and strength. Because the transducers selected by each company are different, the amplitude of the transducer output is different. After adapting the different ratios of the horn and the horn, the working amplitude of the horn can be corrected to meet the requirements. The output amplitude of the energy device is 10-20μm, and the working amplitude is generally about 30μm. The transformation ratio of the horn and the welding head is related to the shape of the horn and the welding head, the front-to-back area ratio and other factors, and the shape is exponential. Variable amplitude, functional amplitude, stepped amplitude, etc. have a great influence on the ratio, and the area ratio before and after is proportional to the total ratio. Your company chooses welding machines of different company brands. The easiest way is to make the scale of the working welding head to ensure the stability of the amplitude parameters.

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