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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine manufacturer
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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine manufacturer

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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine manufacturer:
When welding plastic products, the ultrasonic welding machine does not need to add any adhesive, filler or solvent, and does not consume a large amount of heat source. It has the advantages of simple operation, fast welding speed, high welding strength and production efficiency. Higher characteristics. Therefore, ultrasonic welding machines are increasingly used in a wide range of industries. Ultrasonic welding machines are mainly used in the following industries:
  Packaging processing industry:
   In the packaging and processing industry, many use ultrasonic welding technology such as: sealing of special sealing tape of hose sealing, welding of air filter bag and water treatment polypropylene filter bag, sealing welding of non-woven handbag and corrugated container, etc. . Ultrasonic welding is a good helper in the packaging industry. Anti-counterfeit wine bottle caps and frozen semen hose packaging and nail clippers, ziplock bags, shopping tote bags, toothpick boxes, paper cups, instant noodle paper bowls and dairy boxes.

Product specifications:

First, the specifications:
Model frequency output external size weight power supply SJ-26AB15KHZ2600W750*900*1800MM330KG1P 220V 12A
Second, the characteristics:
1. The welding on both sides of the product can be completed in one time.
2. Can be used with a special bottom mold for easy replacement
3. Double head can adjust welding conditions separately
4. For the size of the product, the movable position of the head
Scope of application:  clip, organ bag, stationery, electronics, toys, and large products, etc.
Third, product configuration:
1. Pneumatic cylinder: imported from Italy, the air pressure is smooth and easy to operate.
2. Vibrating head: It adopts imported ceramic sheets from Japan and is assembled and produced in Taiwan.
3, solenoid valve: the use of Taiwan fine brand card for operational use.
4, relay: using Siemens, Germany.
5, electrical box configuration: electronic components, electronic cable, switch parts and so on are all shipped by Taiwan companies.
6, the collar group: 4 horizontal fine-tuning screws + 1 minimum point fine-tuning screws, frame mold quickly and accurately.
7, the dial switch: time control takes 0.00 seconds to set, the accuracy is high.
8, additional voltage and current overload protection safety line system, to avoid the concern of the burning of the crystal.
9, power adjustment: 1 ~ 7 segments can be adjusted at will.

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